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Episode 14 · 9 months ago

Special COVID-19 Report: Economy, Victory Gardens, and the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 73'

Glenn and Thom talk economy and business structure under stress, followed by an informative chat on the toilet paper shortage of 1973 and the history of victory gardens and their parallels to the increase in homesteading as a result of the Great Pandemic of 2020.

Link to Lovely Greens Rapid Response Victory Garden

Episode 13 · 9 months ago

Mighty Interesting Special Report - COVID 19 from America's Epicenter

Glenn and Thom report to you from New York, America's epicenter for Coronavirus. We provide the updates on what the hardest hit state is doing to combat COVID-19 and what you can expect as this pandemic sweeps across the world. Most of all we'll calm you down about it all because hey, we'll get through this.

Episode 12 · 10 months ago

Mighty Interesting Ep.9 - Quantum Physics, Breakthrough Starshot, The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist of 2006, and COVID-19

In this episode Glenn and Thom discuss the escalating situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Breakthrough Starshot research program, an ambitious bank heist in 2006 Buenos Aires, and then talk quantum physics.

Episode 11 · 10 months ago

Mighty Interesting Bonuscast 3 - Final Fantasy VII Remake

After the recent release of the Final Fantasy Remake Demo, Glenn and Thom share their thoughts on the original and how the demo stacks up. Will this be the best remake of a major franchise yet?