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Episode 6 · 8 months ago

Ep. 4 - Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, Nanoparticles, and More

Glenn and Thom discuss a number of different current events and other interesting topics.

Episode 5 · 9 months ago

Bonuscast 2 - Our Favorite Albums of the Decade

Glenn and Thom talk about some of their favorite albums and music of the last decade.

Episode 4 · 9 months ago

Mighty Interesting Ep.3 - Younger Dryas and Ancient Civilizations - When Did We Come From?

Glenn and Thom discuss the Younger Dryas period, the discovery of Gobekli Tepe, and Ancient Civilizations.

Episode 3 · 10 months ago

Bonuscast 1 - Deepfakes - James Dean Returns From the Grave

In this first Bonuscast Glenn and Thom talk about deepfakes