Mighty Interesting Special Report - COVID 19 from America's Epicenter


Glenn and Thom report to you from New York, America's epicenter for Coronavirus. We provide the updates on what the hardest hit state is doing to combat COVID-19 and what you can expect as this pandemic sweeps across the world. Most of all we'll calm you down about it all because hey, we'll get through this.

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Episode 10 · 10 months ago

Mighty Interesting Ep.8 - Nikola Tesla, plus St. Valentines Day Massacre, Escape From Alcatraz, and Other Unsolved Mysteries

Glenn and Thom talk Tesla plus revisit some of the stranger details of the St. Valentines day Massacre, as well as some other unsolved mysteries such as, the infamous Escape from Alcatraz, the Somerton man, and the man from Taured.

Episode 8 · 11 months ago

Mighty Interesting Ep.6 - The UFO Episode - Bob Lazar, Abductions, Government Involvement, Personal Accounts, & Disclosure

Glenn and Thom discuss UFO's, and related topics as well as disclose some personal accounts, weigh in on Bob Lazar, and even discover the inspiration for the movie, Critters!